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At Premier Swim Academy, we take safety seriously. That’s why over the past 11 years, we have developed a unique swim instructor training program designed to take our swim instructors’ skills to the next level. Our swim instructor development program has five levels of training, and each stage is led by one of our master instructors.

 Swim Instructor Development

In the first section of the training program, prospective instructors spend roughly 30 hours working on their basic skills. Our program leverages coursework, homework, videos, tests, and hands-on lessons in the pool to give each prospective instructor a well-rounded education. This program is designed to prepare instructors for teaching our Academy Kids group swim lessons, as well as teaching basic level private lessons. Upon graduation from the first training section, new instructors co-teach classes until the senior instructors feel the junior instructor has developed his or her skills and can be promoted to teaching on his or her own.

Premier’s Advanced Certifications for Swim Instructors

Master instructors watch junior instructors closely as they continue to grow in their roles. In time, a junior instructor may be chosen for one of Premier’s advanced certifications. Advanced certifications include:

  • Advanced Stroke Instructors
  • Baby Swim Training
  • Swim Lessons for Children with Special Needs
  • Swim Team prep programs

These advanced certifications each require an additional 20-30 hours of coursework in the classroom and the pool.

Creating a Team You Can Trust

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to building a team that our community can trust. After all, our clientele regularly entrusts us with their family’s safety and wellbeing – something we take very seriously.

Are you ready to enroll your family in swim classes? With a range of classes from “Parent and Me” to “Group Learn to Swim”, we offer swim classes for children and adults of all ages and experience levels.

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How old is your child?

Can the swimmer hold their breath under water?

Can the swimmer push off of a wall or step, with their face in the water, and glide on their belly for 3-5 seconds?

Can the swimmer maintain a float on their back WITHOUT the use of tools or assistance (i.e. floaties, noodles, adult assistance)?

Can the swimmer roll from a face down position in the water, into a float on their back with their face above the water?

Can the swimmer, while face down in the water, kick independently with straight legs and pointed toes?

Can the swimmer kick, face down, across the pool and breathe by rolling into a back float?

Can the swimmer kick on their back with straight legs, pointed toes across the length of the pool (aprox. 30 ft)?

Can the swimmer breathe by turning their head to the side (not lifting the head straight up/forward) while kicking independently on a kickboard?

Can the swimmer swim freestyle independently with their face down in the water, rotating to the side to breath (not lifting the head straight up/forward)?

Can the swimmer swim independent backstroke?

Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke kicks using a kickboard or noodle to support the arms?

Can the swimmer do independent dolphin kicks (butterfly stroke kicks)?

Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke?

Can the swimmer do independent butterfly?

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