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Lynn Ledford has a passion for business. With over 20 years as a successful leader in child based sports and education industries, Lynn is known as a decisive, analytical leader who guides with energy, high standards, compassion and creativity. Her unique skill set features innovative thinking, strategic momentum-based action, optimistic leadership, and a boundless love for creating amazing, smart, successful children’s businesses.

Lynn has spent 30 years becoming the experienced CEO she is today. She earned a BA in English and a Juris Doctor degree and in 1986 she began practicing law by day and teaching law by night. Drawn to education, she pursued a full-time teaching position and became the Dean of Academics of Southern California College of Law. In 1998 she focused her passion for education toward a new dynamic market and pursued a personal dream of owning a child-based education business. Together with her business partner, Georgette Cutler, Lynn made the most important pivot of her life and purchased Cal Elite Kids.

Cal Elite Kids and grew from a small gymnastics center with 8 employees and 300 students to become one of the most successful children’s activity centers in the U.S. Today Cal Elite Kids serves 3,000 students and provides over 12,000 hours of lessons each week to children 6 months and older. In 2016 Lynn joined Georgette in the purchase of Pro-Swim Academy, a swim school in Chicago, Illinois that serves 800-1000 students per week. In 2017, Cal Elite Kids partnered with The Blue Kid Center in Suzhou, China to offer Cal Elite Kids’ preschool gymnastics to the children of Suzhou, forging exciting international relationships through gymnastics. Lynn and Georgette are currently building their third swim facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California, scheduled to open in 2019. Most recently, Lynn and Georgette are building a preschool gymnastics licensing program, Sweet Peas Gymnastics, LLC., that will be launched at USA Gymnastics National Congress in 2019.

Lynn is committed to the growth and development of the youth sports and education industry. In 2012 she founded the SUMMIT, Professional Development Conference for leaders in child based businesses. Held annually in Riverside, California, the SUMMIT attracts 250 of the top leaders in children’s sports and education. Lynn is an advocate of being engaged in the industry. She served on the US Swim School Association Board of Directors from 2010-2017 and served as the Vice President (2014-2015) and the President (2016-2017). She also served on the Business Education Committee of the US Swim School Association, the Ethics Board as well as the Conference Committee. Lynn is equally devoted to USA Gymnastics. She serves as a Business Ambassador to USA Gymnastics and has consistently participated in conferences, educational events and business forums since becoming a member in 1998. She is an enthusiastic fan of the Olympic Games and has attended each Game since Greece hosted in 2004. Happy to share her love of the business of sport, Lynn speaks and writes locally, nationally and internationally in the gymnastics, swim and entrepreneur communities.

Lastly, in 1998 Lynn founded True Blue Kids Club, a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to provide community service opportunities to children and their families. With a mantra that encourages face to face service, True Blue Kids has devoted over 20 years to helping thousands of families provide community service both locally and internationally. True Blue has become a recognized brand among the youth sports industry. Lynn is currently organizing the 5th True Blue expedition to Central America (April 20-27, 2019). With 140 gymnastics and swim club owners making the trek, the group will work to provide educational resources, medical supplies and basic living needs to the children of Honduras.