Reschedule or Drop Swim Lessons

We understand that your schedule can change.

We are sorry to see you go, but we understand certain circumstances arise. For questions about other drops, please see swim lesson policies located in the Parent Portal, or call the Premier office at (949) 716-3333.

Please keep in mind that this request will affect next month’s swim lessons and that lessons dropped between the 20th and the end of the month will be assessed a $20.00 late drop/admin fee.

*UPDATE: As of January 1, 2020, once your student has been dropped from their swim lessons makeup lessons will expire and are no longer eligible to use.

Reschedule or Drop Form

  • ^ Please remember that drop dates must be the end of a calendar month.
  • ^ Please let us know why you are rescheduling or stopping lessons.
  • ^ Would you please give us feedback on why you are dropping your lessons? We are always working to keep our clients happy and want to learn from each drop or reschedule.