Academy 3 (Ages: 2 - 8)

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Call: (909) 509-5700

Age: 3+

In Academy 3, swimmers will learn a perfect side breath for freestyle and the importance of maintaining momentum throughout their breath. They will also learn back to properly perform backstroke kicks in preparation for backstroke in Academy 4. The perfect candidate for Academy 3 must be able to glide while performing proper kicking, roll to their back for a break, and return to their stomach and continue kicking to the wall or a platform without assistance. In addition, they must be able to jump into the water, take a breath on their back, and get back to the wall independently.

To graduate to Academy 4, swimmers must be able to kick in streamline for 15 ft. on their front and back. In addition, swimmers must be able to side breath to both sides while maintaining kicks, using a kickboard for assistance.

Pricing: $25 per class (Billed Monthly)

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We have two children at Premier Swim School and they absolutely love it!
The instructors have shown true, genuine compassion with our children and are dedicated to their growth with each lesson

- Katie Samson
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