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Now serving Diamond Bar, Rancho Cucamonga,
and Aliso Viejo

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    Why Premier Swim

    The answer is simple… because we not only love what we do, but we live it as well. The roots of our program come from people who have countless hours in, on and around water. We believe that learning to swim is the most important skill we can give our community. Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children 4 and under and we want to put a stop to this statistic. We do this through our child-centric approach to learning to swim. Our commitment is that both you and your children will love coming to swim each week at Premier Swim Academy and that each and every week, your swimmer will progress and learn new skills. No more months of lessons without any progress. We stand by our methodology and know you will see a difference between us and them.

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    About Our Swim Programs,
    Stories, and Facilities

    Swim Program

    Premier Swim Academy utilizes a child-centric approach to swim instruction. Our focus is on developing the swimmer’s comfort and feeling of security with our staff, before we begin the process of pushing them. Once our swimmers know they can trust our methodology and our instructor team, they are willing to let go and be guided through the learning process. We have learned from years of teaching children to swim that if we push too hard and don’t spend time on developing the relationships and trust, teaching becomes that much harder and takes that much longer.

    Once they are water-safe, we work diligently to teach techniques that align with competitive swim settings; setting your swimmer up for success and efficiency for the future goals in the water.

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    Our Story

    At Premier Swim Academy, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum that our instructors use to teach students much more than just how to swim. Through extensive practice and backed research, we have found a way to structure lessons that will allow for additional skills including:

    ✓ Social skills in group and individual settings

    ✓ Valuable cognitive engagement
    ✓ Speech developments
    ✓ Physical advancements beyond the water

    Premier Swim Academy wants you and your children to love the water – so it is our goal and promise to educate all swimmers in a fun and happy environment!

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    Our Facilities

    Rancho Cucamonga- Rancho Cucamonga is unique in that it is one of the only fully indoor facilities in the local area! Built from the ground up, this state of the art aquatic space was made to cater to new swimmers and those who can make best use of a controlled environment.

    Diamond Bar- Those who are familiar with the area will notice a familiar layout in the pool, basketball court and communal spaces, but with new, prominent renovations!

    Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center (AVAC)- AVAC features a 25-yard outdoor pool as well as a shallow-water pool for our younger swimmers. This outdoor facility is shared with the local area and we are proud to be a part of the community.

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    #1 in water

    Most comprehensive
    training program.

    Teaching skills that
    last a lifetime

    How old is your child?

    Can the swimmer hold their breath under water?

    Can the swimmer push off of a wall or step, with their face in the water, and glide on their belly for 3-5 seconds?

    Can the swimmer maintain a float on their back WITHOUT the use of tools or assistance (i.e. floaties, noodles, adult assistance)?

    Can the swimmer roll from a face down position in the water, into a float on their back with their face above the water?

    Can the swimmer, while face down in the water, kick independently with straight legs and pointed toes?

    Can the swimmer kick, face down, across the pool and breathe by rolling into a back float?

    Can the swimmer kick on their back with straight legs, pointed toes across the length of the pool (aprox. 30 ft)?

    Can the swimmer breathe by turning their head to the side (not lifting the head straight up/forward) while kicking independently on a kickboard?

    Can the swimmer swim freestyle independently with their face down in the water, rotating to the side to breath (not lifting the head straight up/forward)?

    Can the swimmer swim independent backstroke?

    Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke kicks using a kickboard or noodle to support the arms?

    Can the swimmer do independent dolphin kicks (butterfly stroke kicks)?

    Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke?

    Can the swimmer do independent butterfly?

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