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Parent and Me

The Parent and Me program at Premier Swim Academy represents the base of our swim philosophy. Our Parent and Me classes give parents the opportunity to learn about the joys of swimming and water play with their children while allowing them to become comfortable in an aquatic learning environment. Our Infant/Toddler lessons will allow your child to become comfortable and safe in the water at a young age and will help them learn to love the water too! Premier’s programs for infants, babies, and toddlers offers two levels of advancement to prepare children for water safety and swimming techniques in their future.


The Little Fish Parent and Me class is a water-introduction class for 0 month to 18 months olds that gives parents the chance to learn in a semi-structured group environment that combines water play, comfort drills, and bonding opportunities for parent and child. In our Little Fish swim lessons, swimmers will learn basic pool etiquette, water exploration, and breath awareness that allows them to become confident and comfortable swimmers at a young age. In addition, swimmers will learn, assisted submersions, and independent floats that will lead to confidence and comfort in the water as a young swimmer.

Core Skills:

  • Respect of the Water
  • Breath Control, Back Floating
  • Safe Entries and Exits
  • Socialization
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The Big Fish Parent and Me swim lessons are designed for swimmers ages 18 months to 36 months old and focus on the start of independence in the water. This level is the perfect bridge to our Academy programs, which accommodate up to four kids in a group. In our Big Fish swim classes, swimmers will learn independent submersions, kicking and rollover floats, exits and entries in the pool, and will work on hand-eye coordination and development of fine and gross motor skills.

Core Skills:

  • Breath Control
  • Back Floating
  • Safe Entry and Exit
  • Development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Rollover Floats
  • Hand-Eye Coordination.
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