Our Locations

Diamond Bar

Located at the former Maple Hill YMCA, Premier Swim Academy did a complete facility overhaul, bringing the former outdoor pool into a fully enclosed teaching structure. 100% of the facility was rebuilt and retrofitted to accommodate the new programs, and the addition of the two classrooms will now allow us to provide after school programs and full service summer camps the residents of Diamond Bar and surrounding cities.


1673 Maple Hill Drive
Diamond Bar CA 91765

Monday9:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 8:00pm
Friday9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday9:00am – 2:00pm
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The Facility

  • One indoor pool
  • Free play grass area
  • Full size basketball court
  • Two classrooms.
  • Goggles
  • Kickboards
  • Fins
  • Water diapers
  • Towels, panchos
  • Ice cream
  • Grab and go snacks and treats
  • Drinks available for purchase


Wally Kaspyzycki

General Manager

Wally works as the General Manager for Premier Swim Academy. He has previously worked at Indiana University and Seattle University in their aquatic recreation programs and has been teaching swim lessons since 2012. While finishing his M.S in Kinesiology at Indiana University, Wally was able to focus on Aquatic Recreation and Underwater Physiology and has a passion to stay involved in the field!

Originally from Indiana, Wally’s first job was as a lifeguard on Lake Michigan and his involvement in aquatic recreation only grew from there. He continued to be a competitive swimmer for 6 years, only to switch sports and begin playing ultimate frisbee. He is certified through the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Instructor, the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance as a Certified Pool Operator, through PADI as a divemaster and through AIDA as a 1-star Freediver.

Wally loves working with Swim Instructors on “soft skills” and continued education. If you can’t find him at Premier Swim Academy he’s likely with his dog, Naga and there is probably a disc nearby for at least one of them.

Sal Ulloa

Training Director

Hello, my name is Sal. I grew up in Orange County California where aquatic sports are a way of life. I started swimming and playing waterpolo competitively at 12 years old and continued through high school and club water polo in college. I have been teaching and coaching swimming for over 6 years now and there is nothing else I enjoy more than sharing my knowledge and experience to those starting out in the sport.

Alana La Cour

Training Manager

Hi! My name is Alana, and I am a Training Manager here with Premier. I help to develop and implement our curriculum, and train our instructors to become the best coaches they can be! I’ve been swimming for a very long time (from age 5, through college), and studied Kinesiology and exercise sciences in school.

I love every part of working here, but especially when I get to see our student’s smiling faces every day. If you see me around, come say hi!


Office Manager

Hi my name is Sierra, I work front desk and office admin for PSA. You will see me most of the time in the front desk evenings helping families out and greeting all the swimmers. If I am not a Premier I’m probably spending my night at Disneyland with my beautiful niece. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, I am here to help! See you soon!


Deck Manager

Hi, I’m Coach Lexie! My favorite place I’ve lived is New York and I’ve been in Southern California for 3 years.

I have 2 cats & 2 dogs at home. I also enjoy learning and reading about psychology, environmentalism, child development and art. One of my biggest goals is to own land and grow my own food.

I love teaching essential water safety skills and can’t wait to meet you all!


Deck Manager

Hello my name is Matthew Chang, I am a Deck Manager and Swim Instructor at Premier Swim Academy. I have a background of 4 years of competitive swimming and 8 years of playing water polo. In my free time I love to run on trails and lift heavy weights. I am very excited to work with all of the different swimmers that come into our program and I cannot wait to get our swimmers water safe or prepared for competitive swimming


Deck Manager

My name is Coach Sergio. A fun fact about me is that I can talk to animals….but they usually don’t talk back. My hobbies include roller skating, dance battling, eating, and daydreaming. Some interest of mine are music and physical fitness. My goals are to help you become comfortable in the water and have fun while doing it. I can’t wait to meet you!


Swim Instructor

Hi my name is Alina! A fun fact about me is that I have 4 cats. I love baking, spending time with friends and family, and reading in my free time. I am a part of the Health Science Academy at Chino Hills High school and aspire to work in the medical field in the future. I am so happy to share my love for swimming with you all! See you in the pool!


Swim Instructor

Hello! My name is Taylor and I’ve been working at Premier since September 2022. In my free time I enjoy reading novels, designing characters, and listening to music. I can’t wait to watch my students grow into amazing swimmers!


Swim Instructor

Hi! I’m Sara, and I’m a swim instructor here at Premier. I like to sing, dance, and surf! I love cats, and I have one named Peggy. She’s pretty chonky! Can’t wait to hang out and swim with you!


After School Mentor, Admin

Hi, my name is Amber. I am after school mentor/tutor here at Diamond Bar. I am a current student at Pasadena City College. After that I will be attending nursing school this summer, hopefully finishing in 2 years. I’m always out having fun looking for new things to do that keep me on my feet. I’m so excited to meet you all!


After School Mentor, Admin

Hi everyone my name is Emmily! A fun fact about me is that I have a French bulldog named Mclovin’. Some of my hobbies include going to the gym and doing eyelash extensions. I love going to church with my boyfriend and shopping. In the future I’m going to be a teacher and have my own lash business.


Swim Instructor

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I am a swim instructor at PSA. A fun fact about myself is that I am studying animal science at Cal Poly Pomona with hopes of applying to vet school in the near future. In my free time I love going on adventures, trying new foods, and spending time in nature with my husky named Bella. Swimming has always been a huge passion of mine, so I can not wait to work with all of you!



Hi! My name is Jennifer I am an Admin at Premier Swim Academy in Diamond Bar, a fun fact about me is that I love to cook and try different recipes. Some of my hobbies include cooking, reading, working out, traveling, and volunteering. Some of my goals include to learn to cook Indian Buttered Chicken, travel to Colombia, and take my family to Cancun next summer. I look forward to meeting you!


Swim Instructor

Hey All! I’m Coach Julian and I’m a swim instructor here at PSA. My goal with my classes is to make sure everyone has a fun time and that we learn how to stay safe in the water. Few things about me include: I like taking walks on the afternoon so I can catch the sunset, I really enjoy watching movies and talking about them, and I love Iced Coffee. I look forward to meeting you all in my next class!


Swim Instructor

Hi my name is KC and I’m a swim instructor at PSA. I enjoy working with all the kiddos, especially in the Parent and Me class. In my free time I like to read and watch movies. I’m excited to work with you!


Swim Instructor

Hi, my name is Kira! Some fun facts about me are that I taught myself how to play bass and guitar. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time are playing guitar, listening to music, and playing video games. Some thing I find really interesting is sound engineering for live shows. My goal is to make kids great swimmers and have basic water safety knowledge. Can’t wait to see everyone!


After School Mentor

Hi my name is Lauren and I am one of the after-school mentors! A fun fact about me is I love being involved on my university campus by being a part of different student organizations such as greek life and orientation week. My hobbies include art and watching anime! Hope to see you in our classrooms soon!

Leila M.

Swim Instructor

Hi I’m coach Leila. A little fun fact about me is I was born in Hawaii. I love spending time outdoors! When I’m not at work you can find me hiking in the mountains or swimming at the beach. I love wildlife and plants and love to teach people about the environment around them. I have many inspirations that include researching marine life and traveling to experience new cultures. I really enjoy teaching and can’t wait to meet you! I hope to spread my passion of the water and help you achieve your swimming goals.

Leila C.

Swim Instructor

Hello my name is Leila. A fun fact about me is that I travel a lot. My hobbies include swimming and baking. Can’t wait to swim with you guys!


Swim Instructor

Hello! My name is Quinn! I love to go on walks on cold days and hanging out with my friends and family. A goal of mine in life is to always live in the moment and cherish the time I have with the people around me. I also enjoy spending my time getting to know new people and learn new things! I absolutely cannot wait to meet you!



Fun fact about me is I know how to play the pan flute. My hobbies include photography, thrifting, and writing poetry. Some of my interests are watching anime, horror movies, and playing video games. The biggest goal I have is to complete everything on my bucket list. I can’t wait to meet you all!


After School Mentor

Hi y’all! My name is Sophia and I’m an After School Mentor here! I’m working on my bachelors degree in social work at Cal Poly Pomona and I love to read and spend time with my friends. A fun fact about me is I was born and raised in San Francisco. I’m so excited to meet more of you and to have an amazing summer at camp!!



Hi my name is Celina, I lived in Hawaii for 2 years. I like to paint and sing. I am very interested in music and books. My goal is just to live a happy and fulfilling life. I can’t wait to meet you!