Whether you are a small business, large corporation, or independent contractor, giving back to your community is always a special way to show appreciation.  At Premier Swim Academy, we give back in multiple different ways, including sponsorships, canned food drives, toy drives, and volunteering.  In addition to that, we represent the incredible non-profit, “Stop Drowning Now!”  Supporting a non-profit relative to our mission statement is so important to us because it brings awareness to a cause we are passionate about.     

The holidays are right around the corner and we will be doing our part in giving back by hosting a canned food drive at the academy.  This is an awesome way for us to utilize support from our swim families to help make a difference in the lives of many who may need it.  We are looking forward to holding our canned food drive a little bit closer to Thanksgiving and look forward to your help!

Starting December 1st, we will also begin our toy drive at the academy to help gather gifts for less fortunate children during the holidays.  This particular toy drive, through “Spark of Love” is always largely successful because of the backstory and the gratitude that accompanies it. Spark of Love started with a firefighter’s passion and determination to give back to children in need.  Participating in this toy drive and gathering as many toys as we can for children who would otherwise have nothing during the holidays is an incredible feeling.   


Below are some ways that you can get creative in your donation process, too: 

  1. Hold a competition within your office between coworkers with a prize incentive. 
  1. Host a party/open house event as a customer appreciation gesture.  Make admissions into the event a donation of some sort (can for canned food drive, toy for toy drive, etc).  
  1. Give your client’s an incentive, such as 3 free family pool passes awarded to whichever family brings the most cans/toys/clothes, etc.  
  1. Support a non-profit relative to your mission statement. 
  1. Sponsor your local high school sports teams or clubs  


As stated above, we support the non-profit “Stop Drowning Now.”  The mission of this non-profit is to practice the “safer 3”- safer water, safer kids, and safer response.  Practicing safer water means identifying potentially dangerous risks around bodies of water.  Practicing safer kids means educating children on various water safety tips to further ensure safety in and around the water. Practicing safer response means obtaining education on emergency response techniques and action plans.  Stop Drowning Now teaches these practices in preschools, elementary schools, and communities alike. Our company supports and promotes this non-profit by bringing them out to our pool events, posting on social media to bring awareness, and making donations whenever possible.   



Giving back to your community is an important aspect of any business.  Whether it is on a smaller scale, like running a food drive or collecting donations, or on a larger scale, like supporting and sponsoring a non-profit, giving back to your community should be top of every business’ list. Do your part in giving back and your clients, friends, and family will likely do the same!