The end of Summer is approaching and everybody is starting to consider their love of Autumn and the idea of cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, warm bonfires, and crunchy leaves – even if Southern California is still a toasty 70 degrees mid-October. As nice as shedding the summer sweat and embracing the fall fever sounds, there is one important aspect that we often link only to summer that must not be forgotten even in the heart of winter, and that is the danger of drowning that persists in and around the water. Here are three facts to remember all 365 days a year: 

Children drown without a sound. We often see drowning victims portrayed in movies as obvious, whether they are splashing around at the surface of the water or screaming for the help of a lifeguard. However, drownings can happen quickly and quietly, even in the presence of supervision. Often with children who are too small to reach for aid and too young to yell for help, drownings can happen in a matter of seconds. Always keep eyes on your child, whether swimming, taking a bath, or playing near water; the few seconds you may leave them alone could be the most dangerous. 

Yes, you really can drown in 2 inches of water. We’ve all heard the “fact” that you can drown in water shallow enough to make a small puddle. No matter how silly it may seem, this fact is equally as true as the possibility of drowning in a giant pool. Especially in the case of young infants and toddlers, who may be unable to stand or even sit up on their own, face the greatest of dangers if ever left unsupervised in the bathtub or near a bucket of water. Remember to always remain within arm’s length of your child, even while in the bathtub. 

Just because the pool is closed, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get to. Nearly 75% of drownings between 2015 and 2017 occurred in residential situations, including backyard pools and spas. Toddlers and children playing in the grass only inches away from the pool deck face a great risk of accidental drowning. Imagine your child focusing on chasing the ball across the yard, without even thinking about the possibility of falling into the pool. Consider installing a safety fence or gate to separate the pool and spa from other recreational areas, and you could be safe guarding your family for life.  

We want you to enjoy every beautiful season of the year with your family without worry, and the best way to do that is with safe fun! While you are enjoying the crisp autumn air, pumpkin spiced everything, and warm holidays with your loved ones, don’t forget these easy tips: 

  • Always keep full attention on your children of any age, whether in the bathtub, playing near your backyard pool, or walking along the beach. 
  • Be sure to stay within arm’s length of young children at all teams in and around the water. 
  • Always be aware of your child’s location, and keep dry land toys away from backyard pools and spas. 
  • Place secure barriers like pool fencing or pool covers where needed. 
  • Enroll in swim lessons! Taking time out of your week to enroll your child in a swim lesson program can teach one of the most valuable safety and survival skills of all time! Premier Swim Academy offers many different swim programs for all levels and ages.
  • Learn Adult and Infant CPR – even learning basic skills can prolong your life saving efforts by minutes.