What makes Premier’s pools that much cleaner? Well first off, our team made a fun video that highlights specific features we are proud to showcase, you can watch it here.

The actual job of Chlorine?

We all know the basics of clean pools; chlorine cleans it! The subtle (and often not so subtle smell of chlorine) seems to saturate aquatic facilities. It’s a simple reassurance that the water is doing its job of making the water safe and swimmable. At Premier Swim Academy, it’s not too different. But it doesn’t stop there! 

Chlorine, as far as the water goes, actually doesn’t have that strong of an odor. When you can REALLY smell it, that means that chlorine is working its hardest to clean any of the dirt, grime, sweat or other muck that ends up in the water and sanitizes the pool to keep it nice and clean. That smell is actually the after effects of the chlorine sanitizing the pool and it lingers in the air for that “common pool smell”. 

At Premier Swim Academy, we are very proud of all the ways we make the chlorine’s job as easy as possible so that that “pool smell” doesn’t stand out in the same way it does at other indoor facilities.


Sand and UV filters

  • We have 4 active sand filters AND a UV (ultraviolet) filter that our water passes through multiple times a day. These sand filters make sure that any particles are filtered out and help create cleaner and clearer pools. In pair with the UV filters, this means that the transmittance of UV light and the effectiveness of the UV light is only stronger! It enables more of the UV light to disable the various microorganisms found in pools and also destroys the byproducts of all the hard work the chlorine is doing (which is aften what causes those smells!). Used together, the filtering benefits are multiplied making a safer environment for our swimmers.

Flow Rate

  • Now that we have an idea of what’s working together to keep the pool clean, we can talk about where the water moves. The average flow rate for pools is about 37 gallons per minute. That means that every minute about 37 gallons of water are being filtered, cleaned and turned back into the pool nice and fresh. Premier’s filtering system allows for over 10x the amount of water to be filtered per minute! Given the total amount of water in our pool, that means that our pool can be completed “turned over” (all the water in the pool passing through the filters and being returned, clean) in under 3 hours! 

There’s no question that there’s a lot of chemistry, physics and math that goes into keeping the pool water clean for swimmers. What’s most important for us is that our families don’t have to worry about water quality so that they can focus on the lessons they’re taking and the goals of their swimmers. The sanitizing chlorine, extra effort in particle and UV filtration and rate that turns over our pools 8 times per day (minimum!) means exactly that.

Better water quality, for happier swimmers. 

So to all of our Premier families, thank you for continuing to swim with us and we hope that this helps you think that much less about the water and allows you to think that much more about all the things you’re learning!